My Business Has a Website, Now What?

Word on the street is your business has a new website. You have invested a lot of time and money into this project and now your brand new website is up and running on the internet. Your waiting room is standing room only. Your phone lines overloaded because flocks of people are calling now that you’re on the web. You no longer have a down season. To top it off you just received an award for best website of the year. Is this happening to you? Most likely your answer to that question is no and so is most businesses out there.

Is it possible for this to happen to you? The answer is yes, but how? That’s easy, marketing! The biggest misunderstanding about the internet is that you create a website for your business and it somehow, as if by magic, appears on the search engines and little elves will scour the countryside telling people your website exists! Think about it…when was the last time you accomplished something in your life and instantly received recognition for it? Here are a few simple guidelines for marketing your new small business website:

1) Start with your current clients

You already have a relationship with them and they may be more receptive to an email or a phone call introducing them to your new website. Send an email with a brief description and a link to your new website. You can even offer them an incentive like a discount for referring a friend.

2) Use Meta tags to make sure your new website is SEO Friendly.

So what the heck are Meta tags? Metatags are Keywords that are inserted into the code on a web page that helps search engines find your site and index it properly. You might say that metatags are the elves that let the search engines know your website exists.

3) Send out a press release to your organizations who offer a newsletter that will announce member news. This is invaluable exposure for your company.

4) Last and certainly not least is to include your website address on all business communications. Everything from Business cards to stationary. Nowadays websites have become somewhat of a necessity in the business world and many times a prospective client will simply make a note of your website address for future reference.

So these are just a few ways to market your new business website. There are companies out there that can offer marketing services for you. It isn’t always necessary to pay someone to market your website for you. If you stick to these basic guidelines and remember that a website for your business is useless if no one can find it then it won’t be long before that flock of calls comes in, your waiting room fills with prospects and who knows, maybe even that website of the year award.

Finding Customers For a Small Business

If you’re just starting out in the business world, then it’s important to note that nothing is more important than building a base of loyal customers. Whatever investments you make and whatever the time you put in to your business must ultimately produce sales. Sales are the lifeblood of your business and customers drive those sales to you. This is especially challenging if your primary sales mode is via  an online presence. 

The first step in finding customers for your new enterprise, is reviewing your competition. Examining the competition can often reveal the nature of the customers they serve as well as their demographics and location. If your clientele is national or international this can be somewhat challenging but if they maintain an internet presence, this can be achieved with a little bit of work. Examining your competitor’s online advertising campaigns and the key words they target may render valuable information that will help you craft your own advertising strategy.                                      

One this information is obtained, a little bit of work can give you information on what potential customers are searching. For example, decoding the right key words using a number of search engine tools can allow you to develop your own strategy for ranking on similar keywords or with developing your own counter pay per click program. If your customer base is international, the challenge of transcending geography can be resolved by using the international campaign features offered by pay per click programs offered by Google or Yahoo. 

When you have achieved success in finding customers, the question of distribution must be also addressed. This can be a challenge for internet businesses. Developing a fulfillment plan must be dealt with successfully. Choosing the best type of fulfillment plan is dependent upon whether you will be using drop shippers or will be packing and shipping yourself.  

In the case of the former, you must be ready to check whether they can handle national and international shipments. In the case of the latter, you must be prepared for order fulfillment and the challenge of any paperwork associated with international shipments. Planning ahead can reduce the challenges of daily shipping and in the end can insure your customer base remains firm and faithful for the future.

Finding the Best Business Website Hosting

The role of websites is very important especially in promoting one’s business and the various product offerings. Websites can really capture much attention from a certain audience and get to grab future potential customers. But to be able to do this, you must be willing to spend some money on reliable business website hosting.

However, if you are on a tight budget, do not fret. There are lots of free website hosting services made available to you over the net. It comes with handy and user friendly tools to help you personalize your web space.

These free web hosting sites also have an FTP support or what is termed as a file transfer protocol system used to copy or move files from a network to the local system. This will help you manage your website easier.

It also has a limitless bandwidth for the need of transferring information that you want to put in your website. Free website hosting also renders site promotion and introduction to the primary search engines all over the net, along with free stat and other necessary site tools.

This would empower your marketing strategies and lead your business to a wider scope of productivity and growth. With another of its great feature of having no limits in terms of file sizes and types, you will have no reason to not make your website potent enough to be productive.

A reliable business web hosting service should have a fast and dependable set of servers to enable your website to load easily and thus help you gain more traffic. In this time and age where technology plays a huge role in everyone’s lives, to be able to establish a sturdy online presence is a great need to meet for any business.

The solutions offered by free web hosting sites somehow just end in the fact that it does not cost a dime. This will surely work if the website you are planning to put up is very simple and does not require much technical dynamics. Also, the maintenance offering of such free service can be utterly inconsistent or much worse nonexistent.

If you want to achieve larger amounts of freedom in designing and personalizing your website, then be willing to invest even an extra amount of cash on a reliable and paid business website hosting service. Your website is your greatest tool to develop that presence that you need to establish all over the globe through the World Wide Web.